6 Phrasal Verbs with 'Hold'

Here are six phrasal verbs with the verb 'hold': HOLD TO - keep to something.She was determined to hold to her decision.Sally's always held to her promises. HOLD BACK - retreat.Don't hold back. Tell us what you know about it.I tried to talk to him but he held back immediately. HOLD OFF - postpone, delay, … Continue reading 6 Phrasal Verbs with 'Hold'

12 Conversation Topics You Should Try on Your Next Chat Session

Working as an English teacher for almost three decades, I've learned to talk about various subjects. Talking to a person you've just met can be challenging at times. However, engaging in these common ground topics will not only help you improve your English but also develop your social skills.

PEACE expressions

Bring about peace - to cause peace to happen.The most efficient way to bring about peace in the country is to negotiate. Hold/keep one's peace - unwilling to talk about something.Many people had witnessed the crime but held their peace. Peace and quiet - free from disturbance.We moved to the country for some peace and … Continue reading PEACE expressions

Collocations about TRAFFIC

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Phrasal verbs: CALL

CALL BACK - to telephone someone who called you earlier.Leave me your phone number and Mr. Williams will call you later. CALL ON - to invite someone in a formal way to do something.I call on all of you to raise your glasses. CALL OFF - cancel.The wedding was called off! CALL FOR - make … Continue reading Phrasal verbs: CALL

Prepositions of TIME – IN, ON, AT

With IN, we use the following time expressions: parts of the day – in the morning, in the afternoon, in the eveningseasons – in spring, in summer, in autumn, in winteryears – in 2017, in the 1990s With ON, we use the following time expressions: days of the week – on Monday / on Sundays, … Continue reading Prepositions of TIME – IN, ON, AT

Indefinite Pronouns

Indefinite pronouns are: anyone, anything, anybody, anywhere, someone, something, somebody, somewhere, no one, nothing, nobody, nowhere. Indefinite pronouns do not refer to any specific person, thing, place or amount.  We normally use –one, -body, -thing, -where to refer to people, things or places in a general way: Anyone could steal your purse. Someone is knocking … Continue reading Indefinite Pronouns

25 Collocations to Describe Someone's Personality

In this lesson, you will find natural English expressions for people's qualities and character. Good/bad company - to be pleasant/unpleasant to be with.Ex: They didn't like him. He was a bad company. Have a tendency to exaggerate / lose his/her temper / make snap (quick) decisionsEx: Peter's a great guy, but he sometimes has a … Continue reading 25 Collocations to Describe Someone's Personality

Zero Conditional

Conditional sentences consist of two or more clauses. One of the clauses is the "if clause" and the other is the "main clause". Both if clause and main clause are usually in Present Simple Tense. If I can't sleep -------------- I listen to the radio. -------if clause --------------------- main clause------ The zero conditional is used … Continue reading Zero Conditional

Time – off Expressions

To take time off – to be absent from work, at home, or on vacation.Ex: I’m going to take a few days off to visit my parents. To take a vacation – to take time away from work, especially when you travel from pleasure.Ex: I’m taking my vacation next month. We’re going to Greece. To take a sabbatical – … Continue reading Time – off Expressions