6 phrasal verbs with ‘come’ you probably don’t know

Come across – meet someone accidentally. Ex: I came across Martha at the meeting yesterday. Come down with – start being ill. Ex: I’m afraid I can’t go out with you tonight. I came down with the flu. Come forward – to offer information about something. Ex: No one came forward to witness last night’s … Continue reading 6 phrasal verbs with ‘come’ you probably don’t know

Expressions with ‘High’

In this lesson, you will learn expressions with the adjective 'high' applicable in everyday situations. Be/get on your high horse - to show that you feel superior in a bad way.Although he doesn't know much about cooking, he always gets on his high horse and complains about chef's incompetence. High and dry - to leave … Continue reading Expressions with ‘High’

24 Expressions with the Verb ‘Hold’ + 6 Phrasal Verbs

If you decide to wait before you take action, it means that you're holding your fire. If you watched the football match last night, you could see that the local team held the lead to the very end of the game. They definitely held all the aces (cards). If you're able to hold down a … Continue reading 24 Expressions with the Verb ‘Hold’ + 6 Phrasal Verbs

8 ‘Cat’ Idioms

If you love cats as much as I do, then you might be interested in learning these ‘CAT’ idioms: When the cat’s away, the mice will play – to describe what happens when the teacher leaves the classroom/when your boss is away.Ex: They shouldn’t be so loud, but the teacher left the classroom, and when … Continue reading 8 ‘Cat’ Idioms

Ways to Answer the Question ‘What Do You Do?’

The question "What do you do?" is used to ask about a person's occupation. You should distinguish it from "What are you doing?" as it refers to your current activity. A: What are you doing?B: I'm mowing the grass. We can answer the question 'what do you do?' in more than one way: I am … Continue reading Ways to Answer the Question ‘What Do You Do?’

6 Phrasal Verbs with ‘Hold’

Here are six phrasal verbs with the verb 'hold': HOLD TO - keep to something.She was determined to hold to her decision.Sally's always held to her promises. HOLD BACK - retreat.Don't hold back. Tell us what you know about it.I tried to talk to him but he held back immediately. HOLD OFF - postpone, delay, … Continue reading 6 Phrasal Verbs with ‘Hold’

12 Conversation Topics You Should Try on Your Next Chat Session

Working as an English teacher for almost three decades, I've learned to talk about various subjects. Talking to a person you've just met can be challenging at times. However, engaging in these common ground topics will not only help you improve your English but also develop your social skills.

PEACE expressions

Bring about peace - to cause peace to happen.The most efficient way to bring about peace in the country is to negotiate. Hold/keep one's peace - unwilling to talk about something.Many people had witnessed the crime but held their peace. Peace and quiet - free from disturbance.We moved to the country for some peace and … Continue reading PEACE expressions

Collocations about TRAFFIC

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Phrasal verbs: CALL

CALL BACK - to telephone someone who called you earlier.Leave me your phone number and Mr. Williams will call you later. CALL ON - to invite someone in a formal way to do something.I call on all of you to raise your glasses. CALL OFF - cancel.The wedding was called off! CALL FOR - make … Continue reading Phrasal verbs: CALL