Phrasal verbs: CALL

CALL BACK - to telephone someone who called you earlier.Leave me your phone number and Mr. Williams will call you later. CALL ON - to invite someone in a formal way to do something.I call on all of you to raise your glasses. CALL OFF - cancel.The wedding was called off! CALL FOR - make … Continue reading Phrasal verbs: CALL

6 Phrasal Verbs with “Ask”

ASK FOR – to request to see or speak to someone. Bob asked for you while you were at work. ASK AFTER SOMEBODY – ask about someone’s health. Milly asked after your dad. ASK AROUND – to ask different people in order to get information. They asked around and eventually someone showed them the way. … Continue reading 6 Phrasal Verbs with “Ask”

9 phrasal verbs with the verb “draw”

Here is a good opportunity to learn some phrasal verbs with the verb "draw". DRAW IN - days become shorter as autumn is coming.Ex: It's much colder and the days are drawing in. DRAW ON/UPON SOMETHING - begin using a supply. Ex: I spent all my money on vacation and now I have to draw … Continue reading 9 phrasal verbs with the verb “draw”

Meanings of the verb ‘ask’

Ask is a very common verb in English and as such it has several meanings: To request an answer from someone: She asked him a question. They asked them about the new product. To make a request: She asked the doctor to examine her. They asked the bank for a loan. To seek information: We … Continue reading Meanings of the verb ‘ask’

Travel Phrasal Verbs

It’s summer time and few of us aren't going to hit the road in search for the best tourist destination where we could have proper rest and lots of fun. I hope this post will come handy as it looks at the phrasal verbs used to talk about things when travelling. Go away - go … Continue reading Travel Phrasal Verbs

Phrasal Verbs with ‘Go’

Here are several mostly used phrasal verbs starting with the verb ‘go’. GO BY – pass. She was sitting and watching the people go by. GO BACK – return. I’m going back in two weeks. GO OFF – no longer fresh. The strawberries have gone off. GO DOWN – go to a lower position. He … Continue reading Phrasal Verbs with ‘Go’

Phrasal Verbs with ‘Take’

Here are ten most frequent phrasal verbs with 'take': Take after - to look or behave similarly as somebody in your family. I take after my grandma. My daughter takes after her dad. Take to - to start doing something regularly, develop a habit. He took to drinking. He was too weak, so he took … Continue reading Phrasal Verbs with ‘Take’