Comparison of Adjectives with as … as, not as … as, etc.


We use as + adjective + as to make comparisons between the things which are equal:

Sarah is as pretty as her sister.

You have to pack it as carefully as you can. It’s fragile.

We worked as hard as we could.

Not as … as

We use not as … as to make comparisons when the things we are comparing are not equal:

The Maths test wasn’t as difficult as I thought.

Laura hasn’t grown as tall as Petty.

She’s not shouting as loudly as she can.

Not so…as

We can also use not so … as.

This chair is not so comfortable as that one.

My English is not so good as yours.

As … as + possibility

We often use expressions of possibility or ability after as … as:

I will write you back as soon as I can.

We got here as fast as we could.

I want to travel to as many places as possible.

As much as, as many as

When we want to make comparisons referring to quantity, we use as much as with uncountable nouns and as many as with plural nouns:

Daria makes as much money as Bob but not as much as Sheilla.

There weren’t as many people there as I expected.

We’re trying to give our children as much freedom as we can.

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