Compound Adjectives with -ED Endings

Compound adjectives are adjectives with two or more words and a hyphen between them.

We form them by combining an adjective or number with a noun plus -ED.

For example:

A woman with blond hair = blond-haired woman.

An animal with four legs = four-legged animal.

Now, try and make compound adjectives with -ed endings by yourself:

1) Trousers which are the color of sand.

2) A man with white hair.

3) A car with three wheels.

4) A nurse with green eyes.

5) Furniture at a low price.

6) A person who has an open mind.

Answer key: 1) sand-colored trousers, 2) white-haired man, 3) three-wheeled car, 4) green-eyed nurse, 5) low-priced furniture, 6) open-minded person

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